Million degrees of separation

There can be bits and pieces of what the writer might have felt personally in the past. But for most parts, it’s the character analysis that the writer has been doing since the past couple of weeks, considering that she has been watching quite a lot of movies for a change. So, spare her the horror of self-expression here.

Six Degrees of Separation is a theory that was first introduced in 1929 by a Hungarian writer named Frigyes Karinthy, in his short story called ‘Chains’. This is now a worldwide accepted theory which states that any person living on the planet earth can meet any other person with a maximum of six or fewer mutual connections.

Now how cool does that sound? How cool is this idea that you and Michelle Obama or you and Oprah Winfrey need just 6 levels of connections in order for you to get in touch with them? But, but I’m not going there at all. Today, my concern is different, my concern is you.

you, the one that brings fire all around her
you, who can make her world just fine after an earthquake
you, who had the capacity to make her breathe
you, who made her and broke her in ways that she never imagined
you, just the idea of whom is enough to get her through so many things in life
you, the star-crossed love of her life
maybe it was an illusion
but she felt connected to you, strongly
a million things going on inside that head
about things that were gone
and she knew it was killing you
she wanted to know
but she was afraid it would kill her as well
the place you hold in her life
the same place was held by someone else in your life

And she can’t use her six degrees of connection to reach you because you act like you’re living under a rock with no idea about all this. You make this theory fail when the subjects are you both, because you have created a million levels of separation between each other.

time and again, she kept her ego behind you,
but it became less about her ego
and more about losing herself
she assumed she’d continue to love you
but a tragedy followed
she fell in love, fell in love with her
and it can never be you again
she might still smile at your name
but no, not falling for those sleepless nights again
and here, the quests for her sweet existence begin now

Published by mrinalsemia

Hi, I'm Mrinal. Constantly trying to make sense of my life through stories.

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