Electronic Dance Music (EDM): A Trend to Rule Them All?

Hi there! How have you been? Before we start with the topic, I want to share how I came up with this in the first place. Music is a part of me and the only time I am not listening to songs is while attending lectures. So one fine evening, I was listening to “Marguerita”Continue reading “Electronic Dance Music (EDM): A Trend to Rule Them All?”

If My Words Could Materialize

if my words could materializei would write,i would write loveand you would gently fall for me,i would say sleepand you would dream, dream of me,should i write lips next?would a smile start to play on your lips then?what about music? if i write music,would you listen to Sinatra from my sleepless nights?if i write unlove,Continue reading “If My Words Could Materialize”


the mountains, my confidantei sit amidst trees and ponder,the wind, the river, the farmstired chatters with the inanimate pieces,a swift interruption, a stranger in brown hatholding a cigar, grey wisdom visible,mid-forties, I presumed,“what brings you here”, I asked courteously“i often visit to celebrate life”, she whisperedwalking towards her spot as she sat near a tree“what’sContinue reading “Visitor”

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