warm afternoons seasoned with indolence
a melody of reminiscence,
the ball of fire touching the flesh
intensity weakens as she awaits,
the dusk appeared with wind by the side
cold killing the lifeless inside,
darkness following like a starved fiend
the anticipation of the unarrived,

A conventional lover

she was an ordinary lover
falling in and out of love before you,
she will be an ordinary lover
falling in and out of love after you,
but the moments with you, those were unfamiliar
the unusual fire burning all the blank verses from past,
offering a way to the perfect pair of couplets
built together with you,
oh, a long poetry!
like a talisman you appeared
an ephemeral eternity


an echo amidst the wilderness forest
should i stay, should i listen?
patches of burnt umber on the fallen leaves
should i care, should i plead for rain?
i watch the shadows dance on the ground
should i join, should i feel the music?
in the dead of night, i see my nakedness
a slave with a tortured consciousness
oh, so gracefully
in the blackened silence i go
not longing to come back
that’s the only realm I know

An Ode to Places

The places you go, the people you meet
The wind, the hills, oh the way they greet,
In joy, in grief, in love, out of love
Travel you must, for the journey to erupt,
And when you do…
Tell me about the smell of the unfamiliar
The known or the unknown, does it even differ,
Tell me if you can really put into words
How much a place has shaped your whole world,
Because for me, I’m still on a battlefield
To find the precise words, that will unveil the unrevealed

The Treachery of Images- Related Pun and Everything Else

René Magritte is one of the very few painters I know of, and I respect and cherish the contribution he has made in the world of art and creativity. To all those who haven’t got a chance to recognise him and his work yet- he was an ingenious artist who began his career with abstraction works and is remembered and respected for his intriguing paintings. The first time I came across his work was 6 years back through a movie called “The Fault in Our Stars” (hating John Green doesn’t make us cool), where there was a mention of his very famous painting called “The Treachery of Images“. The painting had an image of a pipe with a caption “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” (in French), which translates to “This is not a pipe“.


René Magritte later explained that “This is not a pipe but just a representation of it. So if I would have written on my painting ‘This is a Pipe’, I would have been lying“. I was moved by the painting and its surrealistic interpretation and have been researching on his work since then. Fast forward to November 2018, when I finally got a chance to go to ‘René Magritte Museum’ in Belgium, expecting to see his work (this very painting in particular). I was disappointed to know that this painting isn’t in Belgium but in Los Angeles Country Museum of Art (LA). Although I didn’t get to see ‘The Treachery of Images’, but discovering his other works including the rough sketches and letters that were exhibited in the museum were worth a visit.

The other exciting piece of work was ‘Les Mots Et Les Images‘ which translates to ‘Words and Images‘. It’s a series of pictures and captions with an effort to explain the relationship between images, letters, words and their meanings. I finally managed to find an English translated version of it here. You might want to check it out for an interesting perspective of words, images and the relationship that they hold.

Above all, the most interesting part was the parody of ‘The Treachery of Images‘ that I found throughout my travel period in Europe. I am sharing the pictures of the same here without any intention to demean the original painting by René.

The first one is a restaurant in Brussels serving some great fries. I liked the way they have imitated René’s famous painting in his home city, with a touch of humour to add interest (worked for me at least).


The next picture below is a painting (not by René) exhibited in ‘René Magritte Museum’ which translates to “This continues to not be a pipe“. I think it compensates well for the absence of his real painting in the museum.


The last one is a random painting I found in one of the hostels during my stay. I liked the painting if you’ll pardon the pun.


That’s the best I’ve got for now. Hope you’ll find his work as fascinating as I did. Until next time! 🙂

The Colourful Český Krumlov: An Honest Review

Český Krumlov is one of the fairytale cities to visit in Europe. It’s situated at the South Bohemian region of the Czech Republic, and is around 4 hours by bus from the capital city Prague. Having visited the city in the month of October, I am here to give you all an honest review of my experiences in this beautiful city.

I was in Prague for a long weekend and just when I made up my mind about Prague being the best European city in my experience, Český Krumlov happened. I went to Český after reading a lot of positive reviews about the city and hence went with a very high expectation. I am so glad to say that the place was much more than what I expected. It was no less than a fairytale town that almost all of us grew up watching in the movies. I went to the city in October and the weather was really cold, but if you’re layered with decent number of clothes, you are sorted. 😉


I traveled from Prague to Český  by bus which took around 4 hours to reach and let me tell you about the moment I got off the bus, the view boy, the view was to die for and believe me when I say,  “I am not exaggerating! No, not even a bit.”

Let’s now talk about the things to do:

  1. The Český Krumlov Castle
    You can see a part of the Castle right after you get off the bus as this castle is second largest castle in Czech after the Prague Castle. Having seen a lot of castles, I can undoubtedly say that this is one of the unexceptionally unique one because of the patterns and the colours in it exterior. This undoubtedly becomes one of the must visit places in Český. Have a look yourself. 🙂
  2. The Local Beer
    “Went to a new place and not tried its local beer?! That’s completely unacceptable.” I must admit that I am not a Beer Person but I intend to try it every now and then, especially from a new place. I would suggest you to try fresh Eggenberg beer which I personally found to be of a very decent taste. It worked for me, might not for you, but you can always choose from other variety and see what suits your taste. 🙂
  3. The Amazing Views With The Bohemian Feel
    As much as you’ll love the place, the most fun part is to sit and enjoy the insane view of the city. Some of the points where you can go are: Český Castle Tower, Český Cloak Bridge and Seminární zahrada.
  4. Rafting on the Vantala River
    Yes, it’s possible!
    I didn’t try rafting myself but saw a couple of tourists enjoying the fun activity in a group while it was drizzling a little. If you’re up for some fun activities, go dive into it. 😉
    IMG_20181024_161702-01.jpegThat’s all about my experience of Český Krumlov. Even if this city is not in your plan and if you’re visiting Prague, I would suggest you to go for at least a day trip to Český from Prague. Trust me, you won’t regret. Enjoy and Take Care. Until next time! 🙂

This is why Morning Walk at Prinsep Ghat is a Must!

Hello there, thanks for stopping by! Finally, with a lot of excitement, here I am, writing my first blog. I am going to share a few scenes that I witnessed while taking a serene walk at Prinsep Ghat, Kolkata. Prinsep Ghat is located along the banks of river Ganges and is one of the most refreshing spots of Kolkata.


Whenever you visit this place, you’ll always find people of all the age groups chatting, relaxing and most of them exercising. Having been there a couple of times before and asking my friends to take pictures of me, this time I thought of shutting down that narcissism and capturing the beauty that lies right in front of me. Let’s get started with this?!

1. The Morning Routine!

As you find a diverse set of people here, their priorities towards life are also different. I saw some majhis (sailors) starting their day by taking a solo ride with their boats while singing “Ekla Cholo Rey” in the background. Others starting it by personal care like brushing, exercising or cleaning their boats. Some also spend a little quality time smoking cigarettes (and self-introspecting, I guess).

Where do you fit in these routines?

2. The Source of Happiness!

The most crowded place you’ll find is in front of the tea stall. The guy is so content with his job, I think this is what’s going on his mind, “No greater joy than serving the first cup of happiness to hundreds of people every morning”. And how about some Parle-G with it?


3. The Twinning Stars!

You’ll find lots of local communities gathered for some activities like meditations, prayers etc. As the month of Sawan had started, I found a group of people going to Taraknath Temple to pray to Lord Shiva. Luckily, one of them knew Hindi so I could talk to her and ask about it. I took pictures of a couple of them because here’s what she said to me at the end-  “Hey, now that you’re here, can you take a good picture of us, we’re twinning today”.

4. Building Friendship!

Although people mostly come and visit in groups, you’ll always find some people coming solo and bonding over with other people or sometimes with animals, wherever you find solace, right?


“The best conversations happen while waiting for your cup of tea”

5. The Posers Maybe?

You can also have interesting conversations with people around. Here’s what I can share:

-Dada, can I take a picture here?

-Sure! Are you going to take us as well?

– Yes, why not!

*After a pause*

-Can we pose while you’re at it?


6. The Rising Star!

Here’s another conversation with Prayog who was actively helping his dad with the food stall.

-Didi, I’ll go and jump on to the boat. Take a good shot of me while jumping?

-No, don’t jump! Just act like you’re jumping, I’ll take a good shot!*

*Failed Attempt*


7. The Thirsty Crow no more!

People also enjoy a good amount of family time while walking. But this little champ is unhappy about something. I guess here’s what he’s thinking, “Same ‘The Thirsty Crow’ story every day.. Baba, I am bored of it now!”


These pictures are covering mostly everything that I observed on my visit to Prinsep Ghat. I’ll be going back to complete my college assignments now, hoping to come back real soon after dealing with the deadlines.

Until then, take care and keep on making progress!

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